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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Answers to 50 Divorce Questions

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1-6. What are the six (6) grounds for divorce in Virginia?  
separation and divorce
7. What is a legal separation?  
marriage separation
8. How long do we have to be separated before we can file for divorce?  
marriage annulment
9. What is an annulment?  
divorce and annulment
10. What are the differences and similarities between an annulment and a divorce?  
divorce question and answer
11. Does my spouse have to agree to the divorce?  
legal right divorce question
12. Can I obtain a divorce if I do not know where my spouse lives or if he or she lives outside the State of Virginia?  
dissolution of marriage
13. What is the cost of this publication?  
petition for dissolution of marriage
14. How long must I have lived in Virginia prior to filing for divorce?  
virginia divorce law
15. What does residency mean?  
virginia divorce lawyer
16. What does domicile mean?  
ask divorce in military question
17. What if one or both parties are members of the armed forces of the United States? Can they still meet the residence and domicile requirements?  
filing for divorce
18-20. What are the three (3) major steps in a typical divorce?  
bill of complaint
21. Does my spouse have to be served with the Bill of Complaint?  
child custody issue
22. What is a Pendente Lite hearing?  
father child custody
23. What is the best way to settle divorce issues?  
settlement agreement
24. What is a Property Settlement Agreement?  
virginia child custody law
25. Can I receive temporary spousal or child support?  
alimony and child support

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