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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Answers to 50 Divorce Questions

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26. What is "marital property?"  
divorce faq
27. On what basis does the court decide how marital property is divided?  
frequently asked question
28. What is "separate property?"  
divorce question and answer
29. Is the "separate property" of one spouse subject to be divided up through equitable distribution?  
spousal support
30. What is spousal support?  
child support
31. When is spousal support granted?  
military divorce question
32. When is a spouse eligible to receive spousal support?  
property settlement
33. What factors will the court consider when determining how much permanent spousal support to award a party?  
marital settlement agreement
34. Is spousal support available while the divorce is pending in court, or only after the divorce has become final?  
family law information
35. When and how is spousal support paid?  
virginia alimony law
36. When does the payment of spousal support end?  
child custody law
37. What is child custody and visitation?  
child and divorce
38. Is it necessary to file for a divorce to get custody and visitation?  
child custody information
39. If the parents cannot agree on child custody and visitation issues, on what basis will the court decide?  
child custody law
40. What are the different types of custody?  
child custody lawyer virginia
41. What factors will the court look to in deciding child custody?  
alimony and child support
42. Is a court order for child custody ever modified?  
child custody and support
43. How long is a party obligated to pay child support?  
divorce child custody
44. How is the amount of child support determined?  
divorce settlement agreement
45. What if the party ordered to pay support is not fulfilling their obligation?  
divorce document
46. Once the divorce is finalized, can I resume use of my former/maiden name?  
uncontested divorce
47. What happens at an uncontested divorce hearing?  
virginia divorce law
48. What happens at a contested divorce hearing?  
marriage separation
49. Would a spouse be required to pay college expenses?  
ask divorce in military question
50. Would I be entitled to a portion of my spouse's retirement?  
information on a military divorce

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